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[30 Jul 2005|08:04pm]


[22 Jul 2005|12:01pm]

scratch that last layout....its not the right one, that one is a puff the magic dragon one lol...the care bear one i have to fix i accidently deleted it. but i will have it up if wanted!

[22 Jul 2005|11:55am]


care bear layoutCollapse )

[22 Jul 2005|10:50am]

0k so this layout i have for the community isnt the best but i love the picture and the colors....

[22 Jul 2005|10:21am]

ok so this is a new community that i made where i will post all my layouts in. all the layouts featurd in this community are made by me, if you would like to post some of your own you may, or if you want a layout made you can request one.

pin me up,


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